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Advanced power line communication system not needing additional wiring

Vitolink™ is a system for communication over the existing power lines with compact, reliable and low stand by power hard- and software.

This system was developed as a back up power line modem concept for dimmable street lighting in 1999 to replace some power line modems in the case that integrated circuits would became unavailable or too expensive for the application. The challenge was to have a low cost power line modem solution that could be easily implemented in a low cost microcontroller which could be for example integrated in an electronic ballast for dimmable street lighting HID lamps.


  • Uses existing power lines for control signals;
  • Compact, reliable;
  • Eeasy to implement;
  • Compliant with all international standards;
  • High immunity to network noise;
  • Long distances without repeaters;
  • Low stand by power and power supply requirements in the loads;
  • Works excellent with capacitive loads like electronic ballasts.



  • Smart lighting, connected lighting, Internet of Things (IoT) gateway to lighting;
  • Smart city street lighting control;
  • Software set up of electric equipment without hardware switch settings, e.g. in lamp ballasts;
  • Smart lighting (indoor and emergency lighting);
  • Dimmable compact fluorescent lamps;
  • Remote control of doors and louvers.


  • Lighting control system manufacturers;
  • Remote control manufacturers;
  • Electric equipment manufacturers.

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