Unique technology for simultaneous tuning of macro 3D pores as well as micro size pores

VITO Construct is a 3D printed material build-up by 3D deposition of paste filaments. The filaments have an interconnected micro-porosity and rough surface topography. VITO Construct has some significant advantages over existing materials and offers opportunities in medical as well as non-medical applications.

For orthopedic implants and bone tissue engineering, highly porous constructions are very important. An interconnected pore structure with large, preferably >0.1 mm pore sizes is essential for bone ingrowths. Today, different polymeric, ceramic or metallic highly porous scaffolds with pore sizes ranging from  0.1 mm to 10 mm can be manufactured.

However, not only macro porosity and pore size are important. Also the morphology aspects inside the structure such as the micro porosity and surface roughness of the filament struts separating interconnected pores are extremely important. Several methods for roughening the surface, as well as several coating techniques are known. One of them is thermal plasma spray.

Thermal plasma is often used to roughen and coat medical implants. However, it is a line-of-sight coating technique. As such, only the exterior of porous substrates is affected. In order to obtain full control over the macro and micro porosity in 3D structured implant materials, a fundamentally different approach was needed.


  • Morphology can be tailored (3D);
  • Adjustable pore size distribution;
  • Controllable and interconnected micro porosity;
  • Increased surface roughness;
  • Enabling osteo conductive and osteo inductive behaviour;
  • Applicable with ceramics, metals, polymers or composites.



  • Medical implants;
  • Synthetic bone material;
  • Bone graft;
  • Orthopaedic implant material;
  • Tissue engineering matrices.


  • Catalyst support;
  • Lightweight structures;
  • Mechanical damping devices;
  • Heat exchangers;
  • Charge carriers.


  • Biomedical industry;
  • Tissue engineering;
  • Instrumenting device industry;
  • Process Industry;
  • Construction.

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