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PRAGMATIC enables accurate and real-time measurement of grid frequency, voltage and current

The European grid has been designed at a frequency of 50 Hz. Maintaining this frequency is critical, as it is a measure for the balance between electricity production and consumption. To control deviations, measurements need to happen fast, accurately, and with filtering of harmonics and unwanted disturbances.
Grids evolve into networks with scattered local producers and consumers. Renewable energy sources bring new challenges. Users need increasingly accurate grid state data (frequency, voltage, current) to deliver high quality power to the grid and to detect problems, e.g. frequency deviations, voltage deviations, current imbalance, presence of harmonics etc. Integrated measurement systems at the inverter level do exist, and they are simple and cheap. External measurement systems with an own CPU and communication link to a control unit also exist. It was VITO’s challenge to develop an integrated system, with the performance and benefits of an external system, using the available internal measurements.

VITO solution

By integrating PRAGMATIC within existing (or new) grid connection inverters, the grid frequency, voltage and current can be measured very accurately in real-time. In present day electricity grids this can prevent and adjust harmful situations without investing in expensive external measurement equipment.
PRAGMATIC software can be integrated within the controlling part of an inverter with the purpose of detecting grid frequency, voltage and current. It can measure both the balanced and the imbalanced voltages and currents. Imbalanced currents can consequently be eliminated, while the balanced current remains untouched. By installing a certain number of PRAGMATIC controlled inverters, the grid quality improves substantially. Therefore, a PRAGMATIC controlled inverter also serves as a grid supporting inverter, as it smartly reduces imbalances. It can also contribute to other grid solutions, like improved  frequency support and reacting to voltage problems.
PRAGMATIC is unique as it can replace expensive external controlling equipment by adding software to a simple inverter, which makes it very performant in making required measurements faster and more accurate than possible today.

Advantages PRAGMATIC brings:

  • Easy retrofit/integration into existing/new inverters;
  • Very accurate and robust solution;
  • Following very accurate detection of the zero/negative sequence components of the current, it becomes easier to correct it.

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