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Plasma4Hydro is a two step atmospheric plasma method for stable and durable hydrophilisation 

VITO developed an easy two step atmospheric plasma method promising stable and durable hydrophilisation for a variety of fluorine containing inert polymers. It overcomes the unsatisfying results of polymer hydrophilisation using existing methods.
Using atmospheric plasma treatment in industrial processes is still relatively new, even though the advantages this technique brings are diverse. It is a low temperature, solvent free and dry process.
Inert fluorine containing polymers have interesting mechanical properties. Unfortunately, this comes with hydrophobic surface characteristics. Increasing the permeability in membranes, acquiring better solubility in suspensions or stronger binding properties for specific surfaces is often unsatisfying with the existing technologies. This because it does not lead to acceptable nor stable hydrophilisation results, as the level and the durability of the hydrophilicity is not good enough. VITO developed a new method that overcomes these shortcomings and paves the way for a diverse range of useful applications.

VITO solution

VITO’s solution consists of a two-step atmospheric plasma treatment for fluorine containing polymers resulting in a very high and stable hydrophilicity, both for powders, films, membranes... It overcomes the shortcomings of the existing atmospheric technologies and is easily integrated in industrial continuous processes. There are two ways to perform the two step process, both resulting in the same solution.

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