Reality proof modelling for energy demand side systems

Models are powerful tools to show how devices will behave in the future. However, reality often deviates from such models. With this invention we use a PID controller to minimize the gap between powerful models and reality.

When using electrical devices, the theroretical or expected usage does not always match reality. This has several causes, e.g. average usage per hour differs from actual usage in a certain hour, older devices can have an increased usage due to lower efficiency …  In a cluster of devices, e.g.  a household, a street, a city, the total amount of electricity provided based on modelled forecasts needs to match the total amount of electricity consumed. Therefore, modelling and reality need to be matched. This happens with PID (Partial Integrated Difference) controllers.

VITO was challenged to solve this problem when using Intelligator+ or a comparable solution to manage postponed optimized energy consumption for a (cluster) of devices.


  • Model based control systems are improved so the calculated energy and the real consumption match.



  • The PID controller is intended as an add-on to the Intelligator+ or alike systems.


  • Electricity management;
  • Energy grid operations;
  • Network management;
  • Aggregator sector.

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