Monitoring device for battery charge

For many applications an accurate estimation of the state-of-charge (SoC) of a battery is important, e.g. in electric and hybrid motor vehicles. Charge monitoring systems are only highly reliable when they monitor changes in battery capacity as a function of its age to maintain accurate SoC estimates over a battery lifetime. Furthermore, the SoC estimated by current integration (Coulomb counting) should be periodically calibrated by measuring the off-load voltage of the idle battery, e.g. after an extended period of inactivity of the vehicle.

One often observes that estimation errors accumulate over long operating phases of vehicles having relatively short or only few resting periods. This is a result of accumulated measurement errors and because the SoC is only seldom recalibrated or corrected by an off-load voltage measurement. Polarization effects, e.g. as caused by charging or fast discharging, can adversely change the indication of the analysis meters. Most analyzers tend to be only uni directional, and only work accurately on discharge, with no provision for ageing effects.

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