MoBISDOM - mobile high voltage testing

A large percentage of used automotive batteries are discarded sooner than necessary. To avoid unnecessary waste it is required to make an accurate assessment of the remaining capacity and life expectance  of each battery in a fast, practical and cost-effective way.

Most handheld battery testers are designed for low voltage batteries. At higher voltages, testers rely on an external bidirectional power supply, mostly a power-electronic set-up. These power supplies have some drawbacks:

  • The power supply requires a bidirectional grid-connection, thus limiting the application to stationary test benches;
  • Due to the  size and weight of the power supply the batteries have to be shipped to the test facility.


  • Handheld;
  • Compact.


  • Requires no heavy external power source;
  • Low-cost device;
  • Light-weight;
  • More reliable test results.


  • High voltage or automotive batteries;
  • Energy storage devices.

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