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Controller for optimized energy distribution

In a demand side energy management system, the Intelligator+ controller estimates future energy needs of (clusters of) devices and the related cost. This results in an optimized energy consumption schedule at the best possible conditions, with respect to grid constraints and network limitations.

Existing centralized control schemes are robust but have disadvantages because of the computational complexity and low scalability. To solve this, market based demand management systems have been developed. In such a system, flexibility information is exchanged using bid functions. A market clearing is performed to determine the control signals.

Demand side management systems respecting the variability brought by increased decentralized energy production systems (wind, solar) do exist today. Most systems do not take into account the constraints (power and voltage variation) a network operator has to deal with. The Energy Distribution Controller solves this issue. However, the risk of congestion remains if future demands are continuously pushed forward. When too much of these demands have to be resolved within too little time and against undesired conditions, an additional need for prediction of usage scenarios is required.


  • The existing interfacing between different agents system needs no adjustments;

  • Adjustments need only be made at one level (distribution – low voltage systems), and not at different levels in the system;

  • Future consumption and costs up to 24hrs ahead also estimated.



  • Systems requiring the combination of constraints management with energy consumption prediction up to 24hrs;

  • Systems requiring balancing of demand side driven energy management systems without risking exceeding voltage or power limitations.


  • Electricity management;
  • Energy grid operations;


    Network managers;

  • Aggregator sector..

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