An integrated, compact, energy-efficient solution for separating charged organic chemicals

HybridED offers an integrated and compact solution for low-energy recovery of charged organic molecules from complex broths/streams, using electrodialysis.

Electrodialysis is a known method for the separation of (in)organic ions e.g. organic acids from biological or process streams. Membrane fouling is prevented by preliminary separation of unwanted compounds from the mixture. This often happens with pressure-driven membrane filtration in a pre-treatment step. VITO developed a hybrid method to integrate membrane filtration and electrodialysis in one process step.

VITO solution

The VITO method is an integrated, compact and energy-efficient solution to separate charged organic molecules without prior pressure-driven filtration. Moreover, it can simplify further downstream processing, by combining several steps e.g. clarification, concentration, conversion from salts to acids.

The innovation is not only useful for ISPR applications (in situ product recovery), where it may result in higher yields and productivity. It may also be used for elimination or recovery of charged compounds from highly fouling or complex waste streams. Examples are the production of basic or platform chemicals (e.g. acetate, propionate, succinate, itaconate…).


  • Lower energy consumption;
  • Elimination of pressure driven pretreatment or clarification step;
  • Less membrane fouling.


  • ISPR (in situ product recovery);
  • Downstream processing;
  • Selective recovery of organic molecules from process or waste streams;
  • Purification of complex process or waste streams;
  • Bioconversion or fermentation processes.


  • Bulk chemistry;
  • Fine chemistry;
  • Food industry;
  • Biobased industry.

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