FunMem®, a versatile ceramic membrane - available with a broad variety of surface modifications

Ceramic membranes, made from inorganic materials such as, alumina, titania and zirconia oxides are chemically inert and feature high mechanical, thermal and hydrothermal stabilities.
These membranes are known to be robust in extreme processing conditions such as e.g. temperature, corrosion or cleaning conditions and  exhibit long lifetimes. Therefore ceramic membranes are suitable for being used in processes where thermal, mechanical and hydrothermal stability are required as well as in those applications where chemical resistance is necessary.
By means of chemical surface modification or functionalisation, the character of the membrane can be changed, providing e.g. a hydrophobic character, the creation of selective adsorption sites, anchoring positions for immobilization, etc
The surface-modification of ceramic membranes is usually accomplished by co-condensation reactions, grafting reactions and polymerization reactions.
Functionality, control with regard to the position of the functional groups and general stability of the membrane should be high, especially when used in harsh conditions. Unfortunately it is often observed that unwanted and considerable leaching of organic functional group(s) from the membrane occurs.

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