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Controller for optimized energy distribution

With a continuous ambition to make energy grids smarter, energy demand side management should be improved systematically, respecting grid constraints and network limitations.

With the emerging renewable energy (solar, wind…) systems, setting up an effective and efficient demand driven energy provision system is not an easy challenge. It has to deal in an intelligent way with intermittent energy needs and availabilities by a variety of users at different locations and times. Demand Side Management systems have been developed with respect to this variability. However, these systems do not take into account the constraints a network operator has to deal with, as the overall network is limited in power and voltage variation.



  • The existing interfacing between different agents needs no adjustments;

  • Adjustments need only be made at one level (distribution – low voltage systems), and not at different levels in the system.


  • This controller is an add-on to Demand Response solutions that provides flexibility in a transactive energy context;
  • Grids where it is required that network constraints are respected while avoiding the risk of exceeding voltage or power limitations.


  • Electricity management;
  • Energy grid operation;
  • Network management;
  • Demand side management.

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