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EcoReliner, a sustainable cost-effective release liner for pressure sensitive adhesive tapes 

Release coatings and liners have wide industrial use. Pressure sensitive adhesive tapes, transfer films and label release are the most important applications. Commonly used silicone based coatings have some drawbacks. They are typically applied by wet-chemical processes using organic solvents which need to be evaporated and recycled. In addition, there are environmental risks related to emissions of volatile organic compounds. In applications, transfer and migration of silicone material on contact surfaces can cause problems in subsequent processing steps, as in lacquering or processing of micro-electronic components.
VITO developed a new process for the deposition of release coatings which is very eco-friendly and eliminates processing problems related transfer or migration of silicone substances.

VITO solution

The solution developed by VITO provides a coating method using an atmospheric pressure plasma deposition process, including an additional UV curing step. This step stabilizes the coating and its release characteristics.

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