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Simplifying enzymatic conversions for more efficiency

The innovative Dynaper concept simplifies enzymatic conversion processes to make them more efficient.

When enzymatic conversion processes – specifically esterification, transesterification and amidation reactions - are being optimized, pervaporation is a known solution to solve undesired inhibition. Integrating pervaporation in the process enables the extraction of water and methanol or other alcohols from the reaction mixture.

But the process set-up is often complex, requiring several add-ons, like (recirculation) pumps, stainless steel connections, and extra process loops. This leads to an increased energy cost, and increases the risks of leakage, spills and incidents, as well as of the existence of undesired concentration and temperature gradients on the membrane surfaces.


  • Simplifying overall enzymatic conversion process set-up;
  • Reducing incident, spill and leakage risk;
  • Decrease of concentration and temperature gradients;
  • Reduced process steps.


  • Enzymatic conversions involving pervaporation.


  • Chemical sector;
  • Biochemical sector;
  • Food & fragrances;
  • Pharmaceutical sector.

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