Technology for balancing electrical cells

With Dynamic Balancing the charge in individual cells of a string of battey cells is balanced either by charging or discharging individual cells. Therefore batteries can store more energy and live longer. Permanent balancing reduces power needs and prevents the heating of the cells. Overall efficiency, safety and life expectancy of batteries is boosted.

Active and passive balancing systems have been developed for sometime now, ensuring the uniformity of charge in a battery or capacitor. But if the balancing is not permanent, the system will create a relative high energy loss and require high balancing currents, resulting in a higher heat build up and safety risk, e.g. in battery containers.

The challenge we faced was to increase the charge capacity of batteries without increasing the cell size and without compromising the battery’s life expectancy or safety. The charge which a battery can accept is limited by the lowest charge that can be accepted by individual cells. The charge which a battery can deliver is limited by the lowest charge an individual cell can deliver. In both cases a different cell is concerned. By optimizing the relationship between these cells, the battery capacity is maximized.


  • No isolating windings required;
  • No risk of overheating;
  • Cost efficient;
  • No bulky components needed;
  • Energy saving.


  • Big energy storage systems with large number of cells in series even with very large cells;
  • Batteries and ultra capacitors;
  • Battery manangement systems.


  • Battery (component) manufacturers;
  • Home batteries, grid connected batteries, batteries for grid services;
  • Automotive traction batteries;
  • High power electrical equipement with storage, e.g. light towers, cranes, ships…
"Preventing imbalance in batteries is safer and more efficient than correcting them."
Peter Coenen

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