While recovering acids and bases from waste streams, DD Power generates electrical energy

Diffusion dialysis (DD) is an ion-exchange membrane (IEM) separation process driven by a concentration gradient. This dialysis process is useful  for the recovery of acids and bases from process streams in metal industry (e.g. steel production, metal-refining, electroplating, etching.), chemical industry (e.g. sulphuric acid production.), textile industry (e.g. dye wastes)…

In comparison with conventional processes, DD may demonstrate significant advantages:

  • higher efficiency in purifying waste water;
  • improvement on the productivity and quality of products;
  • low energy consumption;
  • low operating cost;
  • stable, reliable and easy operation.


Because separation and membrane technologies can be very high consuming, process technologies are being designed to meet energy demands by self-generation.

VITO solution

VITO developed DD Power, a process for recovery of acids and bases from waste streams, while at the same time generating electrical energy. Following the recovery of acids and bases, these waste volumes can be discharged within regulations as waste water. VITO’s design improves system performance and the processing capability allowing significant lowering of the total operational cost compared to conventional apparatuses and methods.

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