It is Brilliant’s mission to disseminate innovative technologies in the field of cleantech, water, energy and related areas. The Brilliant platform aims to make it as easy as possible for the industry to pick up these technologies and apply them in successful sustainable processes and products. This way, technological innovation catalyzes the change towards global sustainable development. And catalyzing change is exactly the goal of G-STIC. This VITO hosted series of conferences, the first one being held in Brussels on October 23-25th, brings together key stakeholders from Science, Technology, and Innovation communities around the world. They will discuss, identify and review internationally relevant technological innovations that can lead the world on a more sustainable development course.

G-STIC builds on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. These have set clear goals on making the world a more sustainable place. Crucial for this is the global implementation of new sustainable technologies, and new ways of producing and consuming. The G-STIC initiative as a whole is an embodiment of UN Sustainable Goal 17, which focuses on creating partnerships to facilitate the implementation of the other goals.

Turning the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) into reality

Making the SDG work requires short and long term initiatives from a huge amount of actors. R&D centers, being one of these actors, can contribute by developing sustainable technologies. These perfectly reflect the targets described by some of the SDG. For example, Brilliant offers technological innovations supporting Goal 3 ‘Good Health and Well-being’. But also for Goal 6, referring to ‘Clean Water and Sanitation’, Brilliant offers promising technologies. When it comes to ‘Affordable and Clean Energy’ (Goal 7) and ‘Sustainable Cities and Communities’ (Goal 11), Brilliant offers novelties which provide answers on distributing and storing renewable energy sources and developing modern grids adapted to future energy needs. In offering technologies supporting the circular and even the bio-based economy Brilliant inspires both ‘Industry, Innovation and infrastructure (Goal 9) and ‘Responsible Consumption and production (Goal 12) .

Bridging gaps

Hitting the Sustainable Development Goals is all about sharing knowledge, mutual collaboration and last but not least bridging gaps. Brilliant contributes by offering a window to innovation for entrepreneurial spirits led by the aspiration for successful sustainable development.


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