We are extremely proud to launch a fully revamped website for Brilliant, the online knowledge base that showcases innovative technologies. As Brilliant is barely one year old, the question might be asked whether this is perhaps a little soon or is even necessary at this stage.
Is this simply a superficial make-over, driven by aesthetic considerations? Or had we foreseen a need to shed the complacency of any comfort that could be reached in thinking and doing, and kick off the next phase? The answer to this last question is a resounding ‘yes’. And we feel that the results speak for themselves. Not only does the new Brilliant portal benefit from a more consistent look and feel, it also offers improved functionality and increased interactivity to companies who want to innovate. In addition, the new portal is better equipped to put the spotlight on our international research partners, who have now joined Brilliant.


The shortest route from sustainable research to a sustainable product

Brilliant’s current partners – VITO (Belgium), SCION (New-Zealand) and ECN (The Netherlands) – excel at developing innovative technologies that help to make our world more sustainable. That is why it is important to keep the route to commercial implementation as short and as easy as possible. And that is exactly what Brilliant was set up to support. Brilliant offers access to protected innovative technologies in addition to a wide range of other channels and tools, and enables interaction and participation to ensure the best possible match. This means we want to include as many innovative businesses in our community as possible, so we can provide them with our knowledge and insights. Over the coming months, our goal will therefore be to greatly expand our existing community.

A fertile environment for synergies between technology protection, marketing and business.

As the driving force behind the Brilliant portal, my focus lies firmly on creating synergy. After all, as a scientist, I am combining my responsability as manager intellectual property with a creative marketing and business interest. In my view, VITO provides the perfect environment in which to achieve this.
Obviously, Brilliant was not the first to bring together knowledge organisations and the business community in the area of innovative technologies. However, the set-up designed by us does offer companies that are interested in a specific technology better opportunities for participation and flexibility as there is often scope for further refinement. This makes it easier to start up a dialogue, in particular around highly specialised expertise, that enables research partners to pursue a more targeted approach when seeking solutions for the commercial development of innovations on an industrial scale.

We have made a start (once more)

The 2.0 version of our website has been launched and made available to the world. This forms a new starting point for working in a purposeful manner towards a society in which innovative technologies, that can help to make our world more sustainable, are successfully implemented.
This is the thought we would like to leave you with as we conclude our first news article for the Brilliant portal. In the future, we will regularly report here on our own insights and those of others, always with the aim of sharing and achieving sustainable innovation.

Let’s take innovation forward together.

Nathalie Barthels

Manager Intellectual Property VITO
Inspirer of Brilliant-by-VITO

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