The PETA International Science Consortium acknowledged VITO’s research on animal-free inhalation testing, by granting cutting-edge VITROCELL system equipment with a value of 180k EURO. Together with the University of Salzburg, VITO has developed a new in vitro system for inhalation toxicity tests, called NAVETTA, for which a patent application has been launched.
On October 16, during the i-SUP 2016 opening event, co-organized in the context of Brilliant, the brand new Brilliant portal, the online community that puts innovative technologies in the spotlight, was launched and we are very proud of this. We believe the result is realy nice, the new Brilliant portal not only has a more consistent look and feel, but offers companies that want to innovate better functionalities and more interactivity. From now on, the portal is better equipped to expose our international research partners, who have joined Brilliant.
Mol, 1 July 2016: BRILLIANT, the Flemish online portal for innovative clean technologies, has today set the wheels in motion for international expansion.